High-quality restaurant equipment at the most economical prices possible

About SABA

Trusted by thousands nation wide.

SABA is a national restaurant and foodservice equipment provider with combined experience of 50+ years in the industry. Here at SABA, we do take pride in our customer-centric philosophy and our out-of- the box solutions for our clients.

Our company has made large investments to offer the highest quality product lines at competitive prices. We are committed to provide our clients with highly personalized after-sale service and technical support throughout the country. We focus on being better at what we deliver and how we deliver to our customers.

Whether you are looking for affordability or functionality, SABA offers a wide variety of commercial food service equipment from upright coolers and freezers to sandwich/pizza prep stations, display cases, a full line of back bar beer systems for display, and much more!

Our company’s commitment to continual education keeps our staff ahead of the game in all facets of the food service industry. You can confidently rely on SABA to make a difference at the point of sale and taking your business to the next level.

Best Pricing

SABA strives to bring kitchens superb quality with minimal prices to fit everybody’s budget!

For customers ordering in large quantities or custom orders, we offer extensive customer support to discuss special pricing. Please contact us for more information.

Extensive Selection

SABA is committed to continuously educate and engineer their staff to meet their customers needs and address their demands by providing the outmost quality and extensive line of products.

Quality and Value

You would never charge your family double, would you? That’s why at SABA we like to treat our customers like family, and give our family the highest quality equipment with the lowest prices.

Custom Equipment

SABA offers their clientele the option to create custom equipment. Please contact us for more information. We are here to give you the best advice possible!

Extended Warranty

At SABA we are one of few who believe in bringing our customers satisfaction, and offer an extended warranty plan to protect your product. Service calls can be hundreds of dollars, and a hassle for many! This is why we give our customers an option for an additional year of warranty to our already phenomenal warranty plan. We believe in serving our customers years after their purchase. Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Integrity and Passion

Our company is one of few who offers an extended warranty plan to add protection to the life of your product. We believe in service for our customers after their purchase. We offer an additional year of coverage to the standard manufacturer’s warranty on specific items.