Extended Warranty

Our company is one of few who offers an extended warranty plan to add protection to the life of your product. We believe in service for our customers after their purchase. Click here for more info.

We offer an additional year of coverage to the standard manufacturer’s warranty on specific items. Depending on the repair type, your 1 year extended warranty can save you hundreds of dollars, without extended warranty these repair costs would come out of your pocket.

We highly suggest extended warranty for our consumers as it can pay for itself in just one service call!

Product Replacement Part Estimated Repair Cost 1 Year Plan Cost You Save:
Under Counter Cooler Evaporator Fan Motor $300.66 $186 $114.66
Food Prep Table Condenser Fan Motor $290.70 $220 $70.30
1 Door Freezer Compressor $800.37 $327.30 $473.07
1 Door Refrigerator Evaporator Coil $60.45 $278.40 $322.05

To buy extended warranty on your items click here. For extended warranty you must register online within 60 days of purchase. Click here to register.

Warranty Claims


1. Claims must be submitted to SABA via the online form below.

2. The Serial Number and Model Number of the unit must be supplied (only one Serial Number per claim form).

3. A copy of the Bill of Sale is optional but recommended.

For warranty and technical questions, please call us at 1.844.422.8900